• What’s In Your Crawlspace?

    Occasionally you need to do a preventative plumbing maintenance check, when was the last time you checked under your floor boards?  Give us a call; Conover Plumbing will do annual inspections as part of your preventative maintenance program.

    What’s In Your Crawlspace?
  • Pipes, and more pipes.

    Pipes, valves, wrenches are just a few items necessary for plumbing. You do not usually think much regarding your plumbing-until something goes completely awry. If you’re experiencing issues or are thinking about doing a repipe or possibly changing out your storage hot water heater to a new energy efficient tankless water heater, it’s a great… [Continue Reading]

    Pipes, and more pipes.
  • The Unexpected.

    Damaged pipes could be triggered by various incidents, or just the age of the pipe but more often then not, they’ve cracked or been jarred loose by shaking in the home. An earthquake or remodeling work may be one explanation for pipes to break or even a steady flow of trucks traveling outside the home… [Continue Reading]

    The Unexpected.
  • Just a bit of digging…

    Amazing, how a leaky pipe requires digging a trench 2ft x 2ft for how many feet did you say?  Conover Plumbing has experience in digging trenches.

    Just a bit of digging…
  • Life’s Challenges.

    Deterioration, leakages, as well as, breaks using old-technology pipe materials are degrading. Present day corrosion crisis is because of the types of materials utilized in America’s subterranean pipe systems during the past century. In the beginning, cast iron was the method, with ductile iron progressively replacing it. Both now afflicted by the ravages of corrosion.… [Continue Reading]

    Life’s Challenges.
  • A Touch of Rust

    Does this look familiar?  Conover Plumbing sees this all the time; we are here to give it new life.

    A Touch of Rust
  • Sewer VS. Nature

    Suddenly the toilets, sinks, and tubs will not drain – it is time to call the plumber. The plumber reveals an obstacle triggered by tree roots within the house primary sewage pipe that flows towards the street as the reason for the stoppage. How did this happen? Root Expansion in Pipes Oxygen is essential for… [Continue Reading]

    Sewer VS. Nature

Todd’s Rusty Corner

Food Waste Garbage Disposal Tips

One of the favorite items in the kitchen – Food Waste Disposal or more commonly … [Read More...]

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