Conover Plumbing’s Commitment

Commitment to integrity and dedication to the community is the foundation of Conover Plumbing’s mission statement.

On the list below, do any of the plumbing issues sound familiar?

  • Plumbers not returning your calls in a timely fashion.
  • Plumbers not showing up or not informing of a time change.
  • The job site, grimy and untidy, left by the plumbing crew for someone else to clean up.
  • The project is taking longer than stated while not informing owner(s) of various issues.
  • The quality of workmanship does not meet your expectations.
  • No matter how many times called, they will not come back to fix outstanding issues.

Yes, the plumbing industry, not noted for a sparkling reputation, unfortunately, well deserved at times. We have all heard the adventures of a plumbing job not meeting expectations.

The primary focus of Conover Plumbing  is to raise the image of plumbers.

Conover Plumbing “Commitment” :

1. Your Phone Calls

We enjoy talking to customers and prospects. Returning your calls in a timely manner, is a number one priority for us.

Conover plumbers arrive on time or advise if delayed, e.g. traffic, etc., communication is paramount to us.

2. Communication

The goal is to provide all of your choices including the benefits or disadvantages with each option; we will answer all of your questions. We will provide an estimate before any work begins, allowing time for reviewing all facets of the job, no pressure to sign.

Communication is extremely vital to us; opening walls, lifting floors etc. there are unforeseen developments; we will report immediately of any unforeseen technicalities.

3. Follow Through

We understand when a tradesperson comes into your home or business leaving behind a mess and disorganization. Conover Plumbing treats your environment with respect, from your decor to your household pet. Yes, occasionally there may be an issue after we leave; rest assured that we will be back to take care of the issue.

4. Dedication

Conover Plumbing knows the importance in making an investment in your property. We pride ourselves on integrity and dedication of quality plumbing services done the right way.

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