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Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valves

Automatic Gas Shut-off Valves are earthquake-sensitive, shutting off when there is a 5.4 Magnitude Seismic Event or larger. Closing the gas flow to a structure reduces the potential risk of an explosion or fire due to loss of gas line integrity from a major earthquake.

Areas classified as active earthquake zones normally require an automatic gas shut-off valve installed prior to selling a house or property. The cost varies depending on the size of the gas main coming into the property and the circumstances of the installation.

Whenever a gas service shutoff valve or possibly a computerized gas shutoff product is closed, don’t switch it on yourself. An expert professional or the local utility company should perform safety checks, restore gas service, and relight any appliance pilots, even if the closures weren’t triggered by an earthquake.

Gas Shutoff Devices

Hand switching a gas service shutoff valve to the off position is the most common approach to shutting off the flow of gas serving a building, or a section of a building, in case of emergency. Installations of Gas service shutoff valve are at the gas meter locations or outdoor locations or by the street.

  • Secure a twelve to fifteen-inch adjustable pipe wrench close to the valve just in case of emergency. Earthquake wrenches with fixed openings might not fit a specific valve, so a variable type of wrench is better. To reduce the potential of unauthorized interference with the valve, keep a wrench situated nearby, although not in the location of gas meter.
  • Turn off the gas service shutoff valve only when you smell gas, hear gas leaking, visually see a damaged gas line, or if you believe there are gas leaks.
  • To turn off the gas, rotate the valve a 1/4 turn either direction until the valve is closed, the tang (the part you place the wrench on) is crosswise towards the pipe.

Additionally, most gas home appliances possess a gas shutoff valve situated close to the appliance that allows you to turn on or off gas to that particular appliance only. Be aware which of the home appliances use gas, the location of gas shutoff valves. In some instances, switching off the gas in the home appliances shutoff valve will be sufficient.

A quick video demonstration on turning off the gas valve.

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